Gesundheits- & Ernährungscoaching

    I will show you how you can achieve long-term health and wellbeing through proper nutrition management while maintaining your current way of life.

    More and more people these days are looking for professional advice with regards to general health, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction. There is an overabundance of information on these complex topics and staying in power to implement what should be healthy can be difficult without competent help.

    As a prevention advisor and health coach, I have extensive know-how and take a holistic approach with the aim of maintaining, optimizing and promoting physical and mental health.

I support you to feel fit and happy in your body with a diet that suits you and your life.

In general, my nutritional coaching is not about losing weight but more a combination of a having a balanced, healthy and conscious diet coupled with sufficient exercise, good sleep, and stress reduction in your everyday life. Many believe that a healthy diet has a lot to do with sacrifice and great effort and the idea that you can also enjoy uncomplicated and delicious food while losing weight is new to some. Let me show you how to prepare dishes in such a way that they taste very good, fill you up for a long time and are particularly healthy on top of that.

Any diet has a central influence on how we are doing physically and mentally and if we harness the power of a healthy and balanced diet, we can heal and strengthen our body from within. The benefits are endles, here are just a few:

To be better rested and fit
For a healthier body at an older age
To maintain a healthy body
For more energy, well-being and joie de vivre
For prevention of possible health restrictions

We often take things like our health for granted, especially at a younger age, and this only changes when faced with impeading health conditions and we are then forced to do something about it. Our body actually has its own mechanisms to detoxify itself, but sometimes the negative influences from the environment take over and you feel tired, energetic or get sick more often. The goal of detoxing is to feel better, healthier, and more productive.

Common Questions

    Where and how do I start?

    What is really important?

    What actually is the right diet?

    How do I eat healthier with a more varied choice of food for me and my family when incorporating it into everydaylife is not easy?

    I have had a stressfull day. How do I integrate healthy eating habits in an uncomplicated and sustainable manner when it gets difficult?

    I want to replace unhealthy food with healthy alternatives. Do you have ideas, recipes and tips for this?

Together we will create a plan that is individually tailored to your needs in order to promote your health and achieve your personal goals. My belief is that many health ailments can be prevented with good eating habits, a healthy lifestyle and the right foods, which at the same time have a positive effect on your mood, appearance and immune system and lead to more energy, vitality and strength.

What will be the focus

    Group courses & workshops on various topics (Macronutrients, calories, fitness, diet forms and muscle building).

    Nutritional coaching

    Cooking training / cooking courses at your home

    Fridge checks

    Meal prep variants

    Shopping training

    BIA measurement (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)

    Relaxation and stress management

    Health prevention. Mindset and the integration of new habits

I am of the opinion that it is often not just about WHAT you eat, but also HOW, WHEN and WHY? Only then can you find your individual nutritional style and bring body, mind and soul into harmony. Everyone is different, feels different and their biography is different. Likewise, each of us has an individual metabolism that reacts differently to different foods and their doses.

I will be your companion for the achievement of your personal goals, a healthier, lighter and more sustainable diet and lifestyle!

My goal will be to support your healthy life so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle independently, in the long term and with joy. In a pleasant atmosphere, I will support you in finding a conscious and intuitive way of dealing with food, drink, thoughts and feelings and will be at your side in an accompanying, encouraging and motivating manner. You will learn how to change habits permanently with ease.

My coaching is as individual as your needs are.

Everyone is different and there are many details to discuss before we start. Everyday life, current eating habits, nutrient and energy requirements, exercise habits, age, general health, stress factors and metabolic type are all taken into consideration. In our one-to-one coaching sessions, your individual needs are analyzed and then the goals for long-term success are set.

* I am passionate about supporting and strengthening people in achieving and realizing their goals. My motivation is your success and the realization of your dreams. I work preventively. My holistic health and nutritional advice does not replace that of a doctors or alternative practitioners, but supports them.

How I work




    Goal oriented

    Resource oriented


    Process oriented



Coaching Explained

    a content-free, structured and solution-oriented support for peopl

    for questions of self-reflection and self-development.

    It tries to help the coachee with regard to his development tasks through dialogue, structure and with the support of tools

    to enable an improved self-awareness as well as system awareness

    the coachee in developing To support alternative courses of action.

    Coaching enables you to broaden your thoughts and actions and to become confident and acting independently.

    the basis is a trusting professional relationship between coaches and coachee.

    Coaching is limited in time.

    Coaching encourages reflection, questioning and reflection at. Promotes creativity and helps new perspectives and To take perspectives. Ideas and opportunities too recognize and develop.

    Coaching is an offer to personal (life coaching) or professional (Business coaching) To work on issues with the help of a coach who offers the coachee techniques of training, advising, mentoring, accompanying and evaluating, to support the coachee's ability to reflect and act, without restricting them



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