Life & Business Coaching

Your coach for more well-being, fulfillment and success.

  • Do you feel that something is not going smoothly in your private and / or professional life?
  • Maybe you have been wanting to tackle something for quite some time, but you don't know how to start?
  • Do you keep coming to the same conclusion but you have not yet come to the right decision or solution?
  • Do you need clarity and support to take the next steps?
  • Do you have a current concern for which you need a long-term solution?

Our beliefs and associated behavioral patterns are deeply anchored in our subconscious. It is from there they affect our thoughts, feelings and actions. They shape our reality and often have developed over the years through experience and are so familiar or natural that we don't even notice them. Environment plays an important role in change and development and I encourage people to be themselves, to follow and realize their own dreams and goals, or to help them embark on the journey to get them.

In our sessions we will focus on personal development to help you achieve these goals, to discover your own potential and expand your scope of action.

My Mission

    To strengthen people in both professional and private contexts in order to reach their goals.


    To activate courage and strength to take new steps.


My Philosophy

    Sparring at eye level


    Strengthening your own skills and gaining more clarity, effectiveness and the ability to take charge.


    Benevolence, Reliability, Trust and Discretion


Coaching for work-life balance & time management

Some questions to consider:

    Do you feel able to balance your relationship between work and leisure?

    Are you satisfied with your balance between your physical fitness and your energy?

    How often do you think about work (when not working)?

    Do you have flexible working hours?

    Do you feel like you can spend enough time with your family?

    Do you regularly miss events with family or friends (because of work)?

    Do you often feel tired or in a bad mood because of work?

    Do you have enough free time to do sports?

    How do you deal with the stress that arises at work?

    Do you feel like you need to be productive all the time?

    Do you often lose sight of what you are actually doing (wanting / should be doing)?

    Do you find it difficult to just relax and do nothing?

    Are you satisfied with your current work-life balance?

    How do you think your work and private life can best be reconciled?

What do we mean by "Coaching"?

    It is a content-free, structured and solution-oriented approach for people with questions about self-reflection and/or self-development.

    Interaction with the coachee happens through structured dialogue, and with the use of tools for his/her development tasks.

    It encourages improved self-awareness but also system-awareness and thus, on the basis of their own resources, the coachee is trained to consider alternative courses of action.

    It enables you to broaden your thoughts and actions, to be confident and act independent.

    It is based on a trusting professional relationship between the coach and coachee.

    It encourages reflection, questioning and then more reflection. It promotes creativity, helps adopt new perspectives and recognize and develop ideas and/or opportunities.

    It is limited in time.

Training, Qualifications & Focuses

    Trainer, moderator & process faciptator according to the standards of dbvc & dvct (by COATRAIN® Hamburg).

    Business coach according to the standards of the dbvc & dvct (by COATRAIN® Hamburg).

    University of Applied Sciences degree in Nutritional Science.

    Trained according to AEVO (HK Hamburg).

    Trained as a dietician, nutritionist

    Advice and coaching on health & nutrition.

    Systemic coach for Life & business.

    Wellness management & cosmetics


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