When it comes to finance and money, many often don't meet them conscious decisions from which you benefit in the long term can. Valuable years are wasted as a result. That's exactly what I'm offering i give you a solution. From the knowledge gap to the pension gap you alone have it in your hand your future regardless of age or age to shape other influences.

Here you have the opportunity to take a new perspective and Discover opportunities that you haven't previously seen on your screen had.

What you can expect from “Financial Independence” financial mentoring

As a mentor, I will finally help you get your finances under control get to understand better and create clarity. By Leaving old beliefs behind, investment strategies and Learn about opportunities and know how to make your money better can use and let work for you. For all those who want to learn the correct and goal-oriented way of dealing with money To be able to permanently improve an unsatisfied situation.

Or also for people who often ask themselves the question: "How should I deal with money so that it doesn't get between the two Fingers run away?

In mentoring, we work on yours over a longer period of time professional and personal development. It aligns itself with it especially to female executives and entrepreneurs who are want to develop and move forward. • During the whole Process, you have complete freedom to decide which one current topics of your professional and entrepreneurial everyday life want to work on in intensive and confidential meetings. When As a mentor, you will receive feedback, information and impulses from me. In addition, we plan your next steps and goals and discuss leadership issues, decisions and strategies.

In addition to our mentoring sessions, you can use my expertise available as an expert and mentor at any time.


I am not selling you a product x or y. I'll show you ways and Opportunities to act meaningfully according to your goals and things to optimize. The whole thing enriched with a good portion Motivation.

In the end, you always make a (purchase) decision on your own own responsibility". Everything like in real life.

(The result and implementation is entirely up to you, I am not a financial advisor and just give my experience, knowledge and Expertise as a mentor to you and accompany you in the process.)


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